Josh Henderson, J.D.

Josh is a Christian, a husband to Memory, lucky father of Madison, innovative business owner, unparalleled Texas attorney, and a passionate pursuer of opportunities to help people change their lives by changing their way of thinking. His foreign travel includes Japan and Sweden. His leadership and management experience includes student leadership development, an internship in Washington D.C., training with the United States Marine Corps, and numerous management positions in the legal field and beyond.

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Who is Ellison Helmsman?

The vision for the company began with a thought. "I want to help people change the perspectives that hold them back from success." Doubt followed. "Will anyone trust me since I'm so young?" Afterwards Josh began writing a fictional story of a person like himself with the same concerns. He found a older man, down on his luck, and made him an offer. "I'll teach you everything I know about life and business. Your home will be paid for, all your expenses. But you will take on the persona of Ellison Helmsman, business consultant." Together they build the company, the face and the wisdom behind the face.

When the opportunity arose to start the company, Ellison Helmsman already seemed real and it fit Josh's vision of building a company based not on his own identity but on ideals that always lead to health, wealth and happiness.

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What's the "symbology"?

The official name of the Ellison Helmsman logo is the Bound Tri-Column. The three columns represent Thinking Rationally, Acting Purposefully & Intentional Communication (TRAPIC). These three capacities represent the simplest understanding of unique human ability. From them come free will, education, creativity, innovation, community, society, and government. The encircling ring symbolizes the inseparability of these three capacities in the pursuit of excellence and a life well-lived. To realize full potential a person must grow equally in each area. The Bound Tri-Column is a constant reminder to be aggressive and purposeful in the pursuit of greater knowledge and skill.