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What is Professional Coaching?

Drawing from the personal coaching core concept, Professional Coaching focuses on your growth as a professional and in your current profession. Develop the vision, leadership, management, team building and perspective that will help you advance in your career. Whether you are an employee or the owner of a business, professional coaching accelerates your progress.

What if I'm already doing well?

There are plenty of people out there that think they are just fine without a professional/business/executive coach. And often, they can make quite a bit happen. Having a professional coach isn't about whether you are knowledgeable, capable, intelligent or not. It is about the absolute fact that we always make better, quicker progress when we have a proactive & reliable source of outside perspective.


Do you know my industry?

As a broad-based source of coaching and consulting, Ellison Helmsman Inc. always focuses on providing business owners with the consistency of a long-term source of information. We have broad knowledge across industries. If there comes a time that your team can use a more specific industry expert, we can help you add them to your team.

What are the benefits?

Reduced stress. Greater productivity. Better working relationships. Promotions. Lucrative job opportunities. When it comes to the benefits that professional coaching can bring to your career, the potential benefits are limitless. What the benefits look like for you are as unique to you as the goals that you have. But they never happen if you don't take the first step.


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