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Founded in 2016, Ellison Helmsman and the system used are the result of over 20 years of development.

The company logo is referred to as the TRAPIC SYMBOL representing the TRAPIC method used in the Ellison Helmsman System for Strategic Growth.

Ellison Helmsman serves a members-only clientele. This means that in order to learn the Ellison Helmsman System, members must qualify for enrollment into The Organization, the group of active members.

We create aggressive strategic growth plans for our members and use a broad arsenal of knowledge, tools, and resources to guide the members in implementing and fulfilling their custom plans.

When any person or any business desires to be happier, healthier, and wealthier sooner, Ellison Helmsman is the first name that comes to mind.

We are ambassadors of life-transforming paradigms.
We are passionate advocates of intentional growth. 
We model deep and meaningful relationship.
We connect people to people, people to careers, and people to resources.
We give back by sharing with and mentoring the youth in our communities.
We create career opportunities in the coaching and consulting industry with our internship program.




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owner / lead coaching consultant

Joshua R. Henderson

Fortunate to have some of his formative experiences overseas in a different culture, Josh spent four years living in Okinawa, Japan while his father was on extended tour of duty. Upon retiring as lieutenant colonel (USMC), his father moved the family back stateside where Josh completed his education. Upon graduating from law school, he quickly realized that his passion for using his knowledge of the law and the legal system lay outside the active practice of law, helping people create systems that proactively minimized the risk of complex and financially devastating legal issues. He now considers himself a serial entrepreneur and is thrilled that his recent business endeavors have opened the door for he, his wife and daughter to experience the daily life of their dreams.



Texas Tech University
School of Law

Juris Doctor, 2008

University of New Mexico
summa cum laude

B.A. Political Science & Spanish


• Title V Student Leadership Development (NM)
• Senate Internship, Washington, D.C.
• Officer Candidates School, USMC
•Industry Experience
        •Commercial & Residential Glass
        •Family Law, Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Law
        •Education & Recreation
        •Food Service
        •Oil & Gas Service Companies
        •Franchise & Independent Insurance Agencies
        •Retail & Customer Service

Bar Admissions

• Texas (not currently active)



coaching consultant in training

Your First name & Your Last Name

We are looking for our newest team member. Is it you? If you like what you've seen and want to be a part of a company that is creating health, wealth, & happiness all day, every day, we are ready to talk! Use the contact information on this page and reach out to us. As a coaching consultant in training, you will have the benefit of our system for grow as you learn! .



Any Year or No Year

Every Day You Wake Up & Hustle

Activities & Affiliations

• Loves talking to people
• Enjoys deep conversations
• Wants the best out of life
• Quick to help
• Slow to react